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Achieving Excellence Together

The Indus Hospital Research Centre (IHRC) has been functioning as an essential hub for research-related activities in the Indus Health Network’s hospitals with the intention to promote, support, and guide the hospitals’ diverse research interests. Currently there are 11 research programs and projects that are being run by an experienced team of research associates including;


Cochlear Implant and Rehabilitation Program

The program focuses on providing free of cost speech-language therapy, mapping sessions, audiology services, and psychological support to patients with hearing disabilities. The program is run by experienced team members including speech-language therapists, audiologists, psychologists, and research associates. Since 2014, 73 cochlear implant surgeries have been performed, with surgery costing 2.5M Pakistani Rupee. An integrated Practice unit has been created which provides a full cycle of care for patients receiving cochlear implants, including patient education, engagement, field visits, support group sessions and follow-up.


Rabies Free Pakistan:

Rabies Free Pakistan is an initiative focusing on mass dog vaccination and animal birth control in adjacent areas of Ibrahim Hyderi, Pakistan. The program is supported by WHO, Getz Pharma along with Indus Hospital. Prevention, surveillance, and intervention measures are promptly taken to reduce the number of rabies cases arising from dog bites.


Improving ER Conditions in Pakistan

In collaboration with Policy Analytics – a Swiss Health Research Company – IHRC is working on improving the conditions of ER in public hospital. The aim of the study is to reduce violent incidents in the ER by using behavioural sciences approach. This multi-site study focuses on one public hospital in Peshawar and one in Karachi.


Vero Cell Trial

Vero Cell is an anti-rabies vaccine. In this study, the vaccine is tested for its efficacy by using it on healthy participants to record anti-body titer build up and resulting side effects, if any. The study aims to shorten the number of doses, to accelerate treatment regimen.


Halo Trial

IHRC and the Infectious Disease Department are conducting the Sepsis Trial in collaboration with the University of Manitoba.


My Child Matters program

The program addresses holistic improvement through teaching and training at five paediatric oncology units in Pakistan. The program includes oncologist training, nurse training, chemotherapist training along with data documentation and management.


Total Knee Replacement Surgery Impact Assessment

This study is conducted in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and focuses on the work of the time-driven activity based costing. The study assess patient satisfaction with the educational material developed and provided to the total knee replacement patient by the team.


Neonatology Hearing screening program

The IHRC program assists the audiology department in restructuring the neonatal hearing program at Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus, Karachi. The optoacoustic emission tests are performed on neonatal to ensure correct and early diagnosis of hearing problems. Children who fail to pass the screening test are tested for Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA), and are then referred to cochlear implant team.


Improvement in Early Discharge from Wards

The Internal Medicine, ER, and IHRC teams are working together to bring efficiencies in the ward discharges. This will improve the discharge process which would translate in higher bed availability in the ward.


Value Based Healthcare Group support

IHRC is providing support to the VBHC group working at IHN level. The process mapping experts at IHRC collects data and charts out the patient pathways for different conditions. This increases patient value which helps in streamlining the process and brings efficiencies to the systems, reduces costs and minimizes wastages.


Technical Expertise Consultancy

The statisticians, epidemiologists, program and grant teams at IHRC provide consultancy and technical expertise in their respected areas. The program team successfully provided technical services to external as well as internal stakeholders for TDABC as well as lean management practices.